At The Well, we lean into our stories.

We don’t want to miss the deeper meaning of what our life reveals.

We call it Story Matters

We film, we write, we listen, we share.

It’s always safe, always healing.


With courage, we invite you in to our stories…

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there is power in the written word

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A three-year old little girl — giggles, full of sunshine and butterfly wishes, blonde bangs and dresses with pinafores.  And as life's unfortunate events unfold, the brightness has turned to dark. She hides, hidden sadness forced upon her…… 

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Jenn L.

I didn’t know what to expect when I came to Curtis Bay, a city I’ve never been to – to a neighborhood that my husband would never let me walk through alone, but I went because The Well is a place that helps women and I was a woman, so maybe I would find something…..

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I had thoughts that I had ruined my life and that I would have to settle for being a loser for the rest of my life and that I would only be seen for my mistakes rather than my heart. I know that I messed up and the guilt held me down because the shame hurt so bad…..

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The Big Lie that I’ve allowed myself to believe is that I was a piece of trash and would never amount to anything in life….. 

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