The Big Lie that I’ve allowed myself to believe is that I was a piece of trash and would never amount to anything in life.  This came after many years of drug use.  I did a lot of things wrong in my life, living on the edge.  I stole, I lied, practically sold my soul to support my habit. These are things I’m not proud of.  I carried around all this guilt and shame for many, many years.  I allowed drugs to control my whole life. That’s not how I was brought up to be. During my troubled times, I seemed to put God on the back burner.  Once I learned to surrender to my disease, I could look myself in the mirror.  God could forgive me of all the horrible things that drugs allowed me to do.  With the help of The Well, I began to feel whole once again.  As time went on, I realized that I was a good, loving woman of God.