A Loving Community of Women


We are a community of women who know brokenness; we know deep suffering.   Many of us come believing the lies that have echoed in our lives for years.  We come ready for something better.  Ready for change.

The community of women at The Well is the starting point for that change.  We are the first whisper of a life that can be different.  We are the arms of unconditional love that ask nothing in return.  We are people who will walk the long hard road to a new life. 



When you walk through the doors of The Well, one of the greatest treasures you will find are the women who have gone before you.  Women who are at different stages of their healing….women who have “been there”…women waiting to help.  We are living proof that brokenness can be used by God for a greater purpose.  We are living proof that love can heal….and change is possible. 

 Every woman is welcome. 

Every woman deserves a second chance

Every woman is worthy of love.