A safe place to heal and grow through life development programs and the healing power of love

Breaking the cycles of poverty, abuse, sex trafficking, addiction, and trauma; making women more resilient as they discover their value and purpose.


The Well equips, mentors, educates, supports, and befriends women as they navigate the process of discovering their value and purpose. We are always looking for the next woman on the street to whom we can give a help up.

Transforming lives through long-term relationships, accountability, and practical programs with the healing power of love.

The Well is leading the effort to change the community dynamic in Curtis Bay by helping women find and fulfill their given purpose. Through the COR (Community, Opportunity, Responsibility) Life Mentorship Program, workforce development, accountability meetings, educational programs, and unconditional love, the Well empowers women and changes lives.


Click above to watch the video -- Women from Baltimore, Maryland share powerful stories from their lives. With compelling and authentic honesty, they reflect on the transformational power of love they found through the community-based organization, The Well.

Thank you to The Well for being such an inspiration to me, not only as a community coordinator, but as a woman. I am continually impressed with the ferocity of the women at The Well—how they stand up to life’s hardships and become strong and empowered through it all.
— Gabrielle Roffe, Former National Aquarium Conservation Community Coordinator

All photography provided by Doris Petini and Elaine Little