Survivors’ Stories


When you share your story of survival, you give those around you hope that they will also survive. These are stories of the women of The Well who have overcome their circumstances and learned that they are loved and valued. They have found their purpose.

Your Story Matters

The first time I came to The Well I thought, What can they offer me? I have a house, and income,  the basic things I needed for survival. My life wasn’t great…but it wasn’t horrible. But walking into The Well for the first time was a beautiful experience. All of the ladies are so warm, encouraging, and open to hear your story. After talking to some of the ladies, I learned their story is the same as mine! I learned you should never be ashamed of where you are in your life. They encourage you to be honest and open with the ladies. The Well has shown me how to be more caring and a better listener. The ladies here are a big support system. And there is no situation that you are going through that they can’t find a resource to help you. There is a peace, calmness and love here. — Karen

You are Like Family

When I walked through the doors of The Well I was like, what am I getting myself into? I walked in and asked Angie if I could sign up to become a mentee. Then I started coming every day. I was like, Wow! This is family here! These are people I can trust, talk to, hang out with…these are people that love me. I’ve been here for two years and now I’m a part of the Workforce Development team. I am loving it more and more. — Sharon

Your Best is Enough

Before I discovered The Well, I was alone, confused, anxious, and thinking I was going insane.

When when I walk through the doors of The Well,  I know that even though I have many tasks to complete, I can be truly me…and I know that no matter what may happen during the day, I am loved. I know that my best that day was enough.  — Angie

You Are Loved

When I walk through the doors of The Well, I feel the shalom of my Nana’s house. Nana’s house was the only home I ever knew until I started coming to The Well. Now I honestly envision walking through the back doors of Nana’s house and seeing the sofa, my family, and most importantly, feeling the love that I only felt in my life as the innocence of a child running into Nana’s house. Here I feel peace and unconditional love. — Stacey

You are a Survivor

I entered The Well uncertain of who I was, carrying the childhood fears and scars, along with those wounds that I’ve allowed life to reopen. I have evolved into a strong, outspoken, beautiful woman with amazing God-given gifts. I have learned balance, friendship, trust…that I don’t have to be so tough all the time. Today I am a survivor. And I am truly blessed.  — Debby