The journey to wholeness is lifelong.

At The Well, we light a candle for the next woman who walks in the door.

Help a woman survivor
find dignity and rebuild her life.



Every dollar directly supports the mission of The Well, providing services to at-risk women in the Baltimore area who are recovering from trauma, abuse, trafficking, addiction, and the effects of generational poverty.
Help us reach the next woman who needs a hand up.

Drink at The Well is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax-deductible.



Women who have survived lives of generational poverty, abuse, addiction, and trauma know what it is to be broken. They are looking for a safe place where they can see the possibility of healing. That healing begins with unconditional love. From there, the love reaches out to become practical programs and services to help a women see her value and re-imagine her life.



We are all drawn to stories of second chances.

We invite you to be part of this beautiful and unfolding story happening right now - in real time - at The Well.



Other ways to help


There are many things to do at The Well that just require a few hours of your time.

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Created and maintained by The Well, Hon’s Honey is a nonprofit social-enterprise dedicated to giving dignity and purpose to women survivors of addiction, sex-trafficking, generational poverty, and trauma. Products are made by The Well’s community of women with the hope of healing for the next woman who walks through the door.


Do you have a skill that you could lend? Maybe you have had life experiences that have given you wisdom that you would willingly share with others.



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