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Living above life’s challenges and finding purpose is easier done together than alone.  As a Sister Friend mentor you will disciple and share resources with women interested in making intentional efforts to make life’s challenges into possibilities for their futures.


Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Quick to love unconditionally and slow to judge
  • Comfortable and confident to share your life with your Sister Friend
  • Assess needs and implement goals/objectives toaccomplish solutions
  • Participate in your Sister Friend weekly appointments, based on scheduling convenience
  • Help develop your discipling relationship thru weekly phone calls to your Sister Friend (1-2 hours per week)
  • Keep your Sister Friend File up to date
  • Encourage accountability and offer spiritual training
  • Share developmental resources

Mentor Expectations and Requirements

  • Relationship with God and scripturally sound
  • Have a heart for the women of the Curtis Bay community
  • Attend the Women of Hope weekly gathering for 4 consecutive weeks
  • Complete Training (workshop, attend core classes, and Chazown)
  • Be involved in a local Church community
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